Sales are the most crucial number that drive revenue. It is the frequency and volume of sales that determine a company’s rate of growth and success. To keep a strong sales record you need a few key factors: a skilled team, market knowledge, and a creative and unique perspective. We offer you a chance to make the best out of your business potential. Increase your sales rate and experience a rise in yearly revenue.

our approach

Zerin is a prominent name in the outsourced sales industry. We represent some of the world’s biggest brands in the technology and communication industries. We are results-oriented, driven, and aim to impact our clients’ sales numbers in a massive way.


Our direct approach to generating business for our clients has allowed us to experience continuous success. Our approach is simple. We focus all our efforts on a face-to-face relationship-based marketing approach. This allows us to provide measurable results and penetrate our clients’ target markets more effectively. Our presentations are always in person, allowing us to demonstrate the benefits of our clients’ products and services. This, in turn, sparks new sales and reorders, and leads to long-term customer retention.


A company’s biggest obstacle is the fierce competition constantly developing in the marketplace around them. Aggressive sales campaigns such as concentrated telemarketing and direct mail programs are ways of the past. These strategies have failed to produce consistent results in today’s sales atmosphere. At Zerin, we rethink existing marketing strategies and innovate new ways to acquire and retain customers. We are successful in exceeding our clients’ sales goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive and nurturing environment. This makes a win-win situation for our clients and employees alike.

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